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Not all the stakeholds with animals lost their stock. The first and worst losses were at Landing, because that's where Thread fell first and where most of the breeding and gene-splicing went on. They'd keep the young animals there till they could ship out a whole batch to a distant stakehold, pasturing them wherever there was suitable forage. And there were further losses in various places until suitable stables were available to keep them safe from Thread.

After 10 years most of the actual breeding holds had a good herd with good bloodlines they wanted to maintain, and this was what they were worried about when the colony moved North. By then they would have safe places to keep them (some already had stone stables and didn't lose too many animals from the first).

Any wild animals like gnu and zebras would be in as much danger as tame livestock in the first Threadfalls, and nobody would be too concerned about keeping them under cover.
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