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RE: Tubberman

I think that Tubberman was intending to have a safari park/hunting preserve near his stake. He introduced herd animals and the big cat predators to enable a stable ecosystem.

Interestingly enough, when animals requiring a certain environment are introduced into an area, they will actually transform the unsuitable portions into suitable ones. This mean that the herds were actually a form of terra-forming. Just what herds were introduced is not that important, just that they would alter the existing environment to suit them.

A recent study has shown that the relation between the numbers of predators and prey is not a direct one. The study was done in two areas in southern Africa. The data was based upon kilograms per square kilometre. In one area, the prey value was 40 and the predator value was 2.41. The second are was grassier, and the values were 4000 for prey and 24.7 for predators.
Predators mostly target the young, infirm and very old. Despite the increase in numbers of prey species, most of them would be healthy adults so there is not a large increase in predator targets.

Additional thought: The first Threadfalls may have almost completely wiped out the domesticated animals at the Stakes. In order to maintain some source of protein, it may have been necessary to capture some of the savannah animals and move them north.
This could mean that when the holders refer to herd beasts they are actually referring to gnus, wildebeest, etc. and that runners might be zebras!
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