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Default The Pern Colony

This thread arises from discussions on Tubberman's Big Cats.

What were the intentions of the original colonists on Pern? There is mention that they were seeking a colony with less dependence on technology. Does this mean that they are trying to establish a colony with a tech level of Earth in the middle of the 20th century? Some of the colonists wanted to retire there as gentleman farmers, i.e. have a large estate with tenant farmers supplying most of their needs (as rent paid in kind) which would allow them to cultivate grapes or orchards, or maintain a hunting preserve.

The other colonists were looking to get away from the ever-present technology in their lives. Ask yourself "How much more intrusive will tech be in one or two centuries? " and shudder at the thought. Remember, Anne was writing before cell phones, laptops, tablets, drones, home computers, etc.

Landing was established as the "tech hub" - AIVAS, light industrial manufacturing such as solar cells, vehicles and equipment, electronics workshops and manufacturing, and so on. Each Stake was intended to be self-sufficient but with specialties allowing for trade.

The main aim was to establish a comfortable life which would allow enough leisure time to enjoy life.
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