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Default Re: Collecting Highlight (24) - Dragonriders of Pern TV Cel & Tshirt

Cheryl, sorry you missed out! Anne wasn't supposed to sign anything during that time! Donna and I didn't even take anything for her to sign because she had hurt her writing arm and was told by the dr not to do any signing. And when we happened to basically 'stumble' upon her at the Dragonriders of Pern booth well, we sure wished we'd brought stuff with us! But she'd been signing those cards so we picked up a few. I don't know if I have any extras or not. I'll have to check later. Haven't done so yet because my father in law is in the hospital, had to have a stent put in an artery in his heart. He's still in hospital but we're hoping he comes home tomorrow. (this is one of the reasons why we wanted them to move closer to us) We're glad they were here an not back in Bellingham.
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