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Default Re: News from the Weyr (Fiction)

I think it's a case of needing to agree to disagree Edith. There are different ways to read the characters, as you found your own opinion of Yanus changed with a later reading. Neither way is right or wrong, it's just a different way of looking at what Anne wrote.

I still think Yanus seemed pretty uncaring. I also think he was the stoic type who would keep thoughts and emotions to himself, so that whatever he thought about the news of Menolly he would surely keep to himself and not share with the Harper. If he shows any joy in her being found, he also has to admit he was wrong to cut the search for her short in favor of fishing; he also has to process the fact that her running away was an act of defiance and not a mistake as originally thought, and that she was actually accepted at the Harper Hall which goes against his understanding of the profession. That's a lot for him to think about, and he undoubtedly will spend time pondering it, but to me it fits for him to clamp down on his reaction rather than letting Elgion see it.
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