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Default Re: News from the Weyr (Fiction)

I think that's up for debate Edith. There isn't any narration from Mavi's point of view, so we really don't know for sure if it was beyond her skill level to heal or not. Given how Mavi cared for Menolly when the hand was infected, I take the interpretation that she did the best she could and really did care for Menolly, but she was as much a traditionalist as Yanus and didn't understand her musical talent or desire to do anything beyond being a wife and mother.

Yanus on the other hand seems the time to have been truly outraged at Menolly's defiance in running away and would have been unable to wrap his head around the "justice" in Menolly joining the Harper Hall. It was completely contrary to his world view and best not thought about. IMHO
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