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Default Re: F'lar and Lessa: Why?

At the time Fax was killed, Toric was theoretically holdless --- kicked out of his native hold and just travelling around with trader ships. He went south with F'nor 2 or 3 turns later, and either stayed there mostly alone for 7 turns, OR came back when F'nor did, returning there in real time shortly after. 7 years into the Pass he was a big man in the South, but also married. He wasn't declared a Lord Holder (and originator of a Bloodline) until Jaxom and Sharra were married.

So when Lessa might have taken back Ruatha, there was no way she would have met Toric or considered marrying him. A few turns later he was leader of a hold on another continent and too busy consolidating his own territories to ally with a small hold far away in the north. Even if he happened not to be married by then.

Lessa was about 21 when she went to Benden Weyr. Toric was 18 when he left home, and that was at least 2 turns before the Pass started.
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