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Default Re: F'lar and Lessa: Why?

Originally Posted by Eriflor View Post
Because she was the last-known survivor of the Ruathan Bloodline.
Right; plus at that point in the series Anne hadn't developed the rules of Pernese inheritance. In feudal times, if the last known survivor of the blood was a woman, she inherited and then whomever she was married off to got the holdings with the expectation that the new husband would be in charge of decision making. (Other fictional example: the entire storyline about 'who should marry Sansa Stark and become Lord of Winterfell' which is only happening because they believe the younger boys to be dead.)

In reality, a lot of women in history still ended up controlling their own vassal property, either through marrying absentee husbands or by becoming regent after their untimely demise. I'm not sure Lessa ever did have a full plan for what would happen after the death of Fax, but I'm positive that she would have ended up making a canny marriage for herself with someone who would have been a great political match for Ruatha. And should that lordling cause her trouble, well, I'm sure someone with her 'talents' would have found a way to take care of it.

Since she's already a young woman, who despite her years of drudgedom, thinks of herself as Lady of Ruatha and then Rightful Weyrwoman, it seems reasonable to say that she tolerated F'lar at first because she recognized he was a canny political operator, and because he was a tool to regain some power to the title of Weyrwoman. (Because he, in turn, is trying to turn her against the other bronzeriders so that he can gain and maintain the Weyrleadership.) She had reason to be grateful to him, for killing Fax and bringing her to Benden. And they had very similar viewpoints on the rightful place of the Weyr, tithing and the need to ready the Weyr for the return of Thread.

I don't find it highly suspect that two extremely manipulative political operators who began working together because they had mutual political goals - in a world where those goals are sealed by the ritual sex of their dragons - would end up falling in "love" at the end. Especially when it turns out that they're both very good at achieving their aims.

To sum up, I do think Lessa falls in love with F'lar, and vice-versa. I just don't think their concept of love is the same one the fandom uses.
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