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Default Re: F'lar and Lessa: Why?

Good question. Basically Anne's books, and in particular her Pern books, are bodice-ripper romances in a soft sci-fi guise.

In-universe, though, I don't think we can forget that Lessa was severely traumatized by seeing Fax and his men slaughter everyone she cared about when she was barely adolescent. Then she had to pretend to be a drudge for some of her most formative years to survive, and spent most of that time plotting revenge.

Suddenly F'lar offers her the opportunity to become the next Weyrwoman (by default, since Ramoth was the only queen dragon at the time), by far the most powerful position a woman on Pern could aspire to, and eventually the means to get her home hold repopulated and back on its feet.
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