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Default Re: Exploring the Subtextual - Robinton/Menolly in the DRoP series

The way I've read it is that Menolly absolutely adores Robinton in every way possible, but that he's always (or HAS he...?) maintained the professional and paternal form of their relationship above other possibilities. I'm sure he fancies the pants off her, but sees himself as a little of a seedy old man who'd be power-tripping if he ever indulged himself on that score - he knows how much she loves him, but perhaps feels that the sexual side of things is driven more by a crush coupled with the rest of their relationship dynamics than by a genuine attachment that could blossom into a long-lasting relationship. Besides, he knows that Sebell likes her too. I can SEE Anne writing their relationship with this in mind, because it keeps the alpha-male in the driving seat, as usual, with or without any actual sex taking place. *sigh*

Another factor is the changes Robinton is trying to bring to Pern, and the teacher-pupil relationship. What Menolly's position does for emancipating other women on Pern is hugely useful to him - but if he breaks the teacher-pupil relationship taboo, she's less than she was before, just a Master's bit of fluff in some eyes, and not a good example for allowing women into Serious Crafting. This, I think, is one of the major intervening factors preventing a relationship - they both have to keep their respective professionalisms whiter than white.
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