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Default Re: Who is Elizabeth Kerner?

Originally Posted by Lanen View Post
That said, Jube, I must confess that I have no idea what you are talking about. I'm What did the Winds or the Lady do in Redeeming the Lost? How did the Goddess in any way change the outcome of anything in that book? As far as I recall, that was all the doing of the characters themselves. True, some of them went and prayed, but that's entirely human. Are you familiar with the saying "There are no atheists in the trenches"? That's where the characters were, on the edge of despair and scared to bits.
It was something to do the talismans, they used, that made me think of it! Where there was a sudden bright light and all was better for it.

Originally Posted by Lanen View Post
The one comment that has really upset me is your 'good triumphs over evil again'. Did you read the classification of the book? It's Fantasy.

Let me tell you now, if "the good guys win" bothers you, I can save you a bit of cash, or indeed a trip to the library. You never need to read anything I write ever again, and in fact you can give most of fantasy fiction a miss. The good guys will always win in the end, in my books, even if there are casualties or tragedies along the way. That's why it's called 'fantasy'. Life is tough enough without filling people's souls with more darkness. I don't read dystopic fiction and I don't write it, though there are plenty who do.
Well excuse me! I would like to point out that I happen to like the good guys winning as well as you do. What I don't appreciate, is someone like yourself putting me down as a result of saying "good triumphs over evil again". You know what, I'll still go out and buy or borrow books because it is my "choice to do so" and you can't stop me from doing so. WHY? Because as an author, you are out to inspire, take us of the hum-drums of real life, build our imaginations and have us soaring above the clouds or beneath the ground in caves or tunnels, put a smile on our faces (uplift us where it needs to be done), make us cry because of a particular character or situation, make us think beyond "beyond", regardless of what happens. If you can't accept me as I am, then I'll stop right here.

In real life, the good guys can win over the baddies, think Schindler's List where one man tried to save as many Jews etc as possible from Hitler's concentration camps.

But then again, I think I wrote more positive things over the course of this thread then I did bad so obviously I still can't seem to win you over....
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