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Default Re: Who is Elizabeth Kerner?

Sandi, never looked at some of the 'complaints' that way, it makes much sense, thank you. Like the others I'm firmly with Lanen here and come to think of it maybe that's (more or less subconsciously) the reason I read fantasy so much more than science-fiction.

And... what's more, I actually thought that the Kolmar books have a relative high percentage of bad luck for the good guys. When Lanen is in the highest danger and great need I actually had to think of Elizabeth Moon's Paksenarrion, who was tortured and raped and ended up in such dire straits that I thoght "how will the author ever get her out of this?"
Those scenes and passages are difficult moments for a Lanen Kaelar (or Paksenarrion) fan, but despite not being a fan of dark fantasy, those passages do lend depth to the book and put it firmly out of the happy-go-lucky-fantasy category.
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