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Default Re: Espresso Book Machine -- poised to revolutionize the paperback industry?

I think the paperback-as-disposable comes from some of the older ones being, well, almost forcible throwaways (I literally read some of Mom's 1960s paperbacks to pieces--the binding disintigrated into loose pages) and because, well, things like Harlequins and your average airport brain-candy book really aren't classics for the ages--people just dump them because they're not going to bother rereading. (Not in our house, God knows. We have books we keep that no one has read and no one is likely to ever read, just because every time Mom tries to make a Goodwill run, someone goes through the box and saves everything.

I think that it could be cheap because I very much doubt the paper quality and the cover quality (in materials, not design) and binding quality will equal even a trade paperback. There's no way it could, printed instantly.
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