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Default Re: Espresso Book Machine -- poised to revolutionize the paperback industry?

Right, this way of printing on demand is already about five years old (the articles also mention the Perfect Book Machine by the same inventor, the predecessor of this new one) - it is how Printing on Demand works and how Lulu, for instance, operate

Maybe the new aspect is that the machine is becoming smaller. The paper and other material needed must be stored somewhere, and that it is now of a size that can be put in a (relatively) store.

Why do most poster's assume that a book by this machine will be so much cheaper than a regular book? The machine owner can set the price and I won't be at all surprised they will probably not be cheaper than a regular paperback by that much. They will be emphasizing the getting what you want is awlays in stock type of argument more than the prize, I think. It is paperback, so it'll not go near hardcover quality and it is only in America where I found evidence of a culture that discards paperbacks after having read them, I never encountered that anywhere else in the world. It's probably the dollar-is-most-important kind of culture that tried to tell US people that a paperback is to read and throw away and if you want to have the book on your shelves you should go buy a hardback. The book makes more money that way

I can see a good future for the machine in making, like LuLu does, small editions and rare or out of dat titles but am not convinced that they will get the rights or the chance to print bestsellers for a good price. I know that real printing in large numbers will always be cheaper in cost than printing single copies on a machine...

The machine will have its use but I can't see it as a revolution.
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