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Default Re: Just the pretty pictures!

WitW 15 from Hans

Het Loo, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

The special thing about this palace for me is that they have Pern in their garden Look, it is Sagittarius or Rukbat al Rahmi (although I also have to admit it is the half of a set of fountain ornaments)

The gardens are a perfect example of formal gardening in the style of the time of William and Mary. Here's part of them, looking back to the palace from the folly crescent / columned arch:

The stables of this palace, of course built and been in use during the time horse drawn carriages were the normal mode of travel, are still in use as the royal stables and (especially for Anneli) I'll post a pic of part of them. This shows about a quarter of one wing of stables and there are two wings.

During my last visit I noticed that the Dutch nobility in the neighbourhood are also getting a chance to have their horses lodged there some extra income for the queen maybe? A major part of the stables hold a kind of carriage museum and part of it holds classic cars, all used by the royal at one time or another.

And I must post this, maybe Mary of England planted this one herself? Oh, I love these old and gnarled trees (maybe because my name translates as "from the tree"?)

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