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Default Re: Free Cell Phones?!

I have to agree with others here. We gave up our landline, well actually it was Vonage, which is digital phone service over our internet connection. But anyway, we gave it up to save the $34 a month we were paying for it. We use a prepaid phone, at 10 cents a minute. Neither of us (dh and me) talk on the phone very much, or for more than a few minutes at a time, so we are saving money doing this - not a lot, but over time it adds up and we have somewhere else we are putting that money. And we would be giving it up next year anyway because of some plans we have for when dh retires.

Our older son works from home so he does have a home phone, which is also a digital I think. Our younger son only has cell, and was out of work for 7 months. I doubt he would have been able to get his new job without it. If you can only have one phone, it definitely makes more sense for it to be a cell. I sort of think that before long, few people will have home phones.
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