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Default Whut? Or, new back cover copy for HH Trilogy

So, I was in the bookstore today, and found the Harper Hall Trilogy--with yet another set of covers. (Didn't they just re-cover them with those ugly ones?) I like these better, but I'm highly amused by the fact that they're black-and-neon-purple/blue/green.

Even more the back cover copy. Read this, for Dragonsinger:

In the world of Pern, Harpers are regarded to be more powerful than kings, for the music they play can literally control the minds of others. For young Menolly, her dreams of becoming a Harper have nothing to do with power, but rather her love of music. Now she is finally living out her musical dreams as an apprentice Harper, but it's turning out to be more challenging than she thought.

Formerly forbidden to study music because of her gender, Menolly quickly encounters hostility from a number of her male peers and masters. But she is not alone in her struggles. With the help of new friends, teachers, and her nine fire lizards, Menolly finds that her musical talents may prove more powerful than anyone could imagine.
Whut?! I guess it explains a lot about Robinton's rise to power...his music can literally control the minds of others! Who'da thunk? And Menolly is obviously going to become Empress of Pern (Harpers are more powerful than mere kings, duh!) because of her fantastic musical powers!

The other ones go on in a similar vein, although not quite out of whole cloth.

All this being said...I much prefer these covers to the orange covers, but I like these covers best.
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