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Default Re: What is happening

Good for you, Allen and Cilla! May your days continue to bless you both.

I hope next time you are able to accomplish all your goals at Dragoncon, Mawra. I hope to join you at Dragoncon within the next two years. Time will tell.

I'm adjusting to teaching 6th and 7th graders. However, I'll take my administrative credential exam in Feb. I plan to pass. Then starting in May, I'll begin to apply for program specialist positions at my district and the local districts around me. If all goes according to plan, then I'll be out of the class room next fall. I am happy and sad. Happy because I look forward to the challenge of being a program specialist. Sad because, the lack of support in my district, for dealing with severe behavior issues is leading to burn out and the need to leave the class room before I'm miserable and my students are miserable.

Keep Boaz in your thoughts. He is doing good in the new school and has plans for college. He is moving forward, but still has a tendency to trip himself up as if he's afraid of succeeding or wanting to control his failure. He still has self-esteem issues that only will be solved by his "loving himself". I know it'll come thanks to the wonderful support he has, but I fear that he'll make a "stupid mistake" beforehand in one of his attempted self sabotage occurrences. Thanks.

You guys rock!
"In dreams your spirit visits higher realms and watches over the shaping of this reality. That is why dreams have power and why sometimes they show the future."
The Secret Sky by Jeanine Berry
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