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Red face Re: Book/Theme Discussions Sign Up Thread

Originally Posted by mawra View Post
I will be happy too. I have to find my DOP book. I think I know where it is.
There is something about it AtWP and SvP too. Also a bit in MHvP I know called shipfish but they are dlolphins.

Which may add to the topic discussions on dolphins also fire lizards too on Pern in the 9th Pass.

Dophins are also talked about in DE/RSR about there interaction with humans and dolphins. Also how dragons react to the rubbing of the, the dragon tries to communicate with them The dol-phins rub me, also we just see a small sloop with a red sail but a lot dolphins, Ista's Lord Holder understand them. Bronze would be too big to be on the ship, know not to hold to hard to bend he is swimming to keep up.

Early years the DD and CoP:FF-Dolphins Bell, and small bit in CoP:FF-Second Weyr and CoP:FF-Rescue Run, other types communications

Dragonlovers' Guide to Pern Second Edition has more on Dolphins if that is useful to all of you. Miss prints and all no disrespect to anyone.

I don't know if I well able to add to the topic but I hope my information is useful for you! All!
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