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I haven't seen any still stereo images, only a movie demonstrated by a company who wanted to sell the equipment to our visitor centre. It produced some staggering 3-D moving images. Unfortunately, the equipment was way beyond what our visitor centre could afford. Perhaps some visitor centre somewhere with a larger budget has this equipment and you'll be able to see these images for yourself? Were the still images you saw holograms? These moving images aren't as good as holograms.

The "nothing" description comes from a book I read on string theory. I can't begin to understand it , but the theory includes the concept of a kind of "nothing" in which there is no space or time. Weird.

I'm also fascinated by Stephen Hawking's admission that a black hole does, in fact, preserve information. I wonder if that means you could survive falling into a black hole by being teleported through it (in the Star Trek sense in which you are dematerialised and the information needed to construct your body is transmitted through the black hole and then used to reconstruct you at the other end)? Perhaps that's how people could survive the incredible forces contained in a wormhole? Pure science fantasy but fascinating.

But I'm digressing a bit from the subject of eye facets...
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