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Default Re: Dragon Size and Dragon Eggs

Eregon / Eldest...although Christpher Paolini really needs to up his game if people are going to buy the third book. It's rather predictable. 'Foiling the Dragon' by Sarah someone. -Thinks- I've got 'The Dragon King of Mystara' on my shelf waiting to be read after DragonHolder however...^^

I studied Dragonology and Draconology (There's a difference...which I didn't know before I started researching...^^; ) for about three/four years before my memory stick decided to go on vacation and I lost all the work from now I'm in the process of doing it again.

I've heard of that book by Drake, though I'm careful about reading such books because 99% of such books are mere author-fabrication instead of researched data. (Not that I have anything against such books, I just have no need of them).
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