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Smile Dragon Size and Dragon Eggs

I just finished reading a most facinating book called "Dragonolgy-The Complete Book of Dragons" by Dr. Ernest Drakes.
Of course, Pern Dragons were not memtioned, but it did cover all of Earth's legendary 'Dragons'. It coveres everything that is 'known' or 'Supposed' about the Earth's 'Dragons'. According to the book, they come in different sizes & shapes and were found in a number of countries around the world (mostly before and during the Early Middle Ages).
There were a number of drawings. One was about the different sizes of the different Dragons (one Dragon was 20 ft. tall and was measured against a average male human of 5'9"). Another drawing showed mottled Dragon Eggs at different times during the gestation right up to hatching.
I made copies of these drawings and saved them on my computer, but when I tried to "Copy & Paste" them here, the 'Editor' on the browser would not allow the 'Paste'. Sorry. The drawings were really cool, too!

Has anyone else read any non-Pern Dragon books?
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