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I don't think that could be it, since dragon eyes can glow in absolute darkness, and cat eyes need some light to reflect. And they glow at any angle, unlike a cat's. Dragon eyes must have some way of internally producing light.
Here is a thought: Cat's eyes have only the one lens so light MUST hit at an angle that corresponds to that lens. Maybe all the dragon facets that create the dome are capable of that kind of reflection and since there are so many the eyes "glow" from even the tiniest amount of light reflected back from the lens
Also,iI think the "whirling" is an optical illusion created by light reflecting from the facets OR within them when a dragon adjusts its vision. Think how the light sort of "swirls" as it is reflected off a spinning disco ball. Now what would happen if the disco ball could also tilt? or move in a circle the way an eye does instead of spin?
The whirling is said to accelerate the more strongly a dragon feels things and extremely fast with negative emotions. People often do the same thing when they are worried or distraught. It isn't a reaction we often think about though.
Anyway, that is how I always picture dragon eye movements.
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