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Originally Posted by Brenda View Post
As long as you have something to say!

Actually, I sometimes will find an older thread when looking for something else, and will "bump" it because I had forgotten about that particular discussion.
So do I. I like to read all of Anne Works but take me longer to read them or respond to them.

Originally Posted by Rea View Post
On what Amaterasu mentioned before in this thread... Is it possible that they have Bioluminescence in their eyes, and when the dragon has an "emotional" change, a chemical is sent to the eye that causes the bacteria that glows, to change color?
I know a lot of the deep ocean fish, ala the angler fish, are able to make their "glows" blink to attract prey, or change colors between red and blue as is the case with other deep water fish. (Too much discovery and animal planet for you, Rea. 0.o )
Just a thought.

Edit: ... And I just realized this is an older thread. I hope it's okay to post in older threads. ^^;
So do I, In Moreta, She see that the eyes are gray. Skin is dry. Also with bleed to death. With dragonrider tired and the new healers know nother abuot dragon healing, along with her queen cluching early. She forgot to check on other damages. But the problems was stoped. Her eye factets started to glow.

Gray and all color from body was a way the dragon showed morning.

In the Sky of Pern. After Golly was hurt, his rider with Tia and her green help, removed the stiches from the lids. As each lid was undone and open It was gray but a few of the undamage ones where showing color.
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