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Default Re: What is happening

I am seriously going to hurl the router here out of the window if it keeps this up. Bandwidth is OK, but the latency actually connecting with anything is intolerable...Generally it's taking anywhere between 30 seconds and a minute to find any host and actually start loading the webpage - if there are elements from different servers on the page, expect that wait for every one of them! Suffice to say, I'm getting really fed up of things which bounce through Google analytics before actually loading the page!

I've tried using different DNS servers (as it's the DNS lookup that seems to be where the bottleneck is), checked all the settings in the router seem sensible, rebooted it, tried different computers to confirm that it's not that at fault, tried wired connections etc and nothing seems to be helping...It is slowly driving me insane.

In other news, we've had word back from the mortgage provider - they're happy with the results of their valuation and have completed the report. For some reason it will now take a minimum of five days for this to be sent to our solicitors...Not sure why it has to take five days in this day and age...but oh well!

Saab might be a bit cramped in the long-term...Know for a fact though that you can camp in it quite comfortably! Rear seats down leaves you a completely flat area roughly the size of a double bed, which fits a double camping mattress nicely.

It's a bit roomier up front than the one Kugai showed!

...Though that one definitely wins in terms of speed and presence.
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