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Default Re: What is the tithe rate?

Also, I think your number of 500 dragons in a Weyr is too high. That may have been true in the earlier passes, but not by the 9th. In DF, when the Weyrs come forward, T'ron says they're bringing 1800 dragons and 17 queens. Divided among 5 Weyrs, that's only 360 per Weyr and 3.4 queens per Weyr. There is probably some fluctuation, larger Weyrs like Fort and Telgar with 400 dragons and 4 queens while smaller Weyrs have 300 dragons and 3 queens, but that's still less than 500 per Weyr.

Also, in MHOP, F'lon tells Robinton when they first meet that Benden is at full fighting strength. That's only about 50 years before thread. Losing 300+ dragons in 50 years is an extremely high mortality rate.

As far as general population size, The Pernese tend to be much healthier than we are, live longer, have children into much later in life, have fewer child-birth related deaths, a lower infant mortality, and a much larger families. Sorcha's mother was having kids when Sorcha was 18 (and older). It seems most people had families of 10 or more. Lessa seems to be an exception. Even if you say couples are only having 5 kids that grow to adulthood, you could have a population of close to 100,000 in 4 generations. There have been several plagues that have wiped out significant portions of the population, but even still, it's not hard to conceive of a population of 30 million by the Ninth Pass. And it's really only at that time that they run out of available land.

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