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Default Re: dental work complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulation, R'na, that's a great success, and a huge relief!
I always hated dentists (truth be told, I hate doctors in general - as soon as I see a white doctor's coat, I get dizzy and have the urge to be as far away from that place as possible! And the smell of hospitals - UGH!) It was torture for both me and my parent to take me to dentists when I was a kid (although, it didn't get much better when I grew up either). Further more, I never allowed them to give me an injection, as I was horrified of needles, so it was even more torture. Pulling out the teeth was OK by some extent, but trying to fix them - I was horrified of the sound of instruments, I think, more then I was of the process itself. I have very sensitive teeth and they would usually react while we were on a holiday on a mountain or at sea, probably to the temperature, but I was so afraid, because I knew I would have to go to the dentist, that I never complained and would just tolerate the pain.
So by the age of, what, 16/17 I had such bad teeth I never smiled on photos or on the camera. At that time, my mum started going to a new dentist, and somehow talked me into going as well, at least to see how she works. I swear to God, the woman is a miracle worker! She has such kindness in herself that it's hard to even express it. She talked to me about my phobia, and just started with examining the teeth. I agreed to come to her to fix them, but she couldn't find a place until 3/4 month after that, but because my teeth were in such bad condition, she would call me whenever someone dropped out. She was such a great dentist I have no fear any more, and go to her myself on regular controls and whenever she calls. And, my teeth look great! I had my picture taken a couple of days back for the graduation from high school, and smiled as widely as I could.
I think doctors are also very responsible for our phobias. If you go to someone who just does his work, no talk, no warmth, he does nothing to make you feel better, and just probably makes things worst. And if you see your annoying him by being afraid, that does nothing to your nerves.
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