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Default Re: Residual Facial Expressions

I think that in general, since higher Talents would most likely be around other Talents, a small amount of facial expression would be allowable in public. I think in private that they'd just let themselves go. With what Jeff and Rowan got up to psychically, I doubt that she would have been able to keep *that* off her face!!

At the end of the series when Talents are placed on board military ships, I would imagine that Isthian, Roger et al would have to undergo some sort of self discipline to keep their features as plain as possible to minimise the possibility of someone else (mis)reading their body language and 'knowing' that whatever message they were waiting for was positive/negative/whatever.

Generally, the more a pathing Talent is in the contact with unTalented people, the more neutral they would have to be outwardly.
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