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Wink Re: Residual Facial Expressions

I think that somewhere Anne described the mind active talent as having a slightly vacant expression when concentrating. I could remember wrong, though.

However, I should think that if something was highly worrying or amusing it would be hard to retain a straight vacant face. At least the mind tone would indicate amusement or other feelings to the receiving talent. Sensitive un-talented people would pick up on muscle tension which is also described by Anne.

Having lively facial expressions at least indicate that one is very much alive I myself often have to explain in order not to be misunderstood.

Once riding on the train while reading a comic book a man opposite me asked me if he could join in my fun. Well, also a way in which to get to talk to other passengers

The Rowan is my favourite!

"The name rowan is believed to derive from the Norse runa - "a charm". It was often planted outside houses to ward off witches. On May Day a spray of rowan leaves was hung over doors to repel evil, and wells dressed with rowan to keep witches away. The rowan, or mountain ash, is found commonly in Scotland, sometimes clinging to a rock face."
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