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Default Re: What is happening

This morning we read all about the hideous tornados that have been reeking havic all over parts of the *South*...I haven't seen or heard about that kind of damage for a long time.

It's so difficult to try and imagine the kind of devastation that has happened to those families that have lost minute they had a home and all that went with that, and the next minute all they own is a huge pile of kindling wood and shredded memories. My family and I have made it through a 6.9 earthquake and all the aftershocks and the distruction it caused to our home...but all of that is all but nothing to the complete and utter devastation that these families are faced with....our thoughts and hearts, are truly with them.

Sandi I am very greatfull that you and your family are ok...hopefully you will find out the same about the Doctors and Nurses that helped you in the hospital. Please stay safe!
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