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Default Re: What is happening

Yes, he was walking around in the general area where I used to do most of my shopping. It's hard to really explain what has happened, even with all the images that have been buzzing through internet and TV broadcasts. I've been listening most of the day to stories on the radio about amazing survivals and even more amazing efforts of people working together to help out.

One thing to remember is that it wasn't just the one tornado that day. There were lots of them. They came in two waves and I think a lot of people (including me ) thought that after the first wave blew through the worst was over. When I first heard the new warnings for the second wave I thought it was some kind of mistaken rebroadcast. In actual fact, the second wave was far worse than the first. My son-in-law was out with a chainsaw working on a house that had been damaged in round one when the new warnings were broadcast.

All things considered, it could have been a whole lot worse, bad as it was. I went out today and saw the path of one of the smaller ones a mile or so away from my home. It was astonishing the way it wove its way through wooded areas between homes (this is a rural area and the homes are spaced out.) leaving trees across yards and fences and the homes almost untouched. There was a damaged roof here, a crushed shed there, but the actual homes were still standing. Fortunately we only had a few smaller ones through here.

In Tuscaloosa and other areas they were visited by a monster that looked more like a movie version of a tornado than anything I have ever actually seen before. From a personal perspective, I'm not sure when I will be able to get back to the cardiologist. I think the medical building is still standing but there is no way to get to it at present. I don't consider that matter of paramount concern right now but I do wish I could find out whether the doctors and nurses I'd come to know are all right.

As to the other, we do hear news from Europe sometimes. I watch the BBC America most nights and even the networks had at least a little blurb about that shooting near you a while back.
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