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Default Re: What is happening

It's like where I used to live. I grew up in north St. Louis county. Every spring, the Mississippi and Missouri rivers would flood certain areas. Outside of St. Louis and St. Charles, there's an area called the Missouri Bottoms. All you have to do is look at the area, all these years after the last time things flooded, and pay attention. Not much grows there. There's never been any big trees, because of the flooding every spring. The area was flooded by the Missouri River.

They call the Mississippi "Ole Man River", but no one realises that the Missouri is a huge part of the legend of the river. The Missouri is where the Mississippi gets almost all the mud that made everyone down in Louisiana call it the muddy Mississippi. The Missouri was infamous in the old riverboat days as the treacherous river to navigate, and the paddle wheel boats were shallow draft boats.

Now man in his arrogance has decided that he has the Ole Man River under control. They've developed that whole Missouri Bottoms area. There's all sorts of industrial parks, and one very fine shopping mall, St. Louis Mills, out there. But I don't think they've beaten the River yet. It's just letting them think they have. I think some day, maybe sooner than later, in a very wet spring much like this one, people are going to wake up one morning and find everything out there under a few feet of water.

Then I'll just smile and sing "Ole Man River" as I walk away.
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
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