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Default Re: If you had to be a character...

I was going to say Damia, but it really depends on if I'd really become the character, or me in their shoes. If me in their shoes, then no...I mean, being a Prime Talent is very restrictive and repetitive. It would drive me nuts, it's not creative enough. But if I actually became the character, with their personality...then Damia. She has a great guy, grew up in a pretty darn good family (nothing like Menolly's family, or Lessa's childhood, or Robinton's sour relationship with his dad). Good job, lots of talent and Talent. And she seems quite happy.

If my own personality shone through, probably Menolly. (my own personality would make my life as Damia pretty rocky) I quite literally got up and left home just like Menolly when I was a teen, pretty much for the same reasons as Menolly's in the story. And we have similar personalities, although I'm perhaps a little more cold and cynical at times.

I wouldn't mind being a non-Prime high Talent, though. Lots of opportunities there.
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