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Default Re: What is happening

So I'd really hoped that I'd have time to give the Invacar a proper shakedown prior to the trip to FotU tomorrow. However I ended up with next to no time to do anything car related today. 

However I did pick up some paint while I was out running some other errands.

This actually looks a lot closer in person than the camera makes it look. It's also matched to the transmission cover which is slightly lighter than the doors.

Couldn't resist splashing a bit onto the car in the interests of curiousity.

Does show how far off the mark the blue I'd been using actually was. 

This was at like 2200 no test drive.

Tomorrow morning will be the first real test, heading over to Buckingham. If things go well, you'll see her at the Festival of the Unexceptional.

If things don't go well, I'll probably be there with a scruffy Mercedes camper instead.
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