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Default Re: What is happening

Really good to hear that it sounds positive on the medical front. Must be quite a relief to have the all clear after a year.

Pretty certain it's not the gel coat I've found as it's clearly flaking away...there seems to be a 50/50 mix between these panels as to whether they had a coloured gel coat or were painted. The front moulding definitely was painted from the factory - you can scrape the paint off that with your fingernail in places, revealing a glossy but more or less clear gel coat.

Zip by way of stuff actually done today as I've spent the whole day running around in circles getting the house back in order (and wasting two hours stuck in traffic on the M25). As the van has a busy few days coming up it made sense to top up the fuel...

(24.0mpg for that tank, so average is staying pretty solidly in the mid 20s mpg, tending toward high 20s if out on a decent run - I managed 32mpg once which was frankly staggering for such a huge brick of a van with an engine from the 1970s).

I always feel better when heading out of my local area if I'm starting out with a full tank, even if I know that I'd have comfortably made it with well over a hundred miles to spare on what was already in there (this is a 75 litre tank)...force of habit I guess.

In the interests of saving some weight I figured it was time to start actually shifting some of the crap which has been rattling around in the boxes of stuff I picked up out of the van. Box of tools no 1 contained:

[] Herma Combination Whitworth/AF/Metric socket set. That will be useful with the Invacar given the completely random selection of fasteners it features.

[] Nice little Wanner grease gun. This will no doubt still be going decades after the cheap one already in the garage has turned to dust.

[] Proper set of De-Walt branded impact sockets. Useful given I bought an impact wrench a few weeks ago.

Also dragged in the second Core2 Duo based HP Server (complete with new, never opened monitor and keyboard), and what must be another couple of gallons of LHM. If anyone on here needs any LHM please just ask...I've about four lifetimes worth here now!

Was just about to close the garage up when this arrived in the most comically oversized box I've seen in a while. I should have taken a photo of it, the thing was nearly the size of the wheelie bin.

Hopefully will have some soda blasting media arriving in the next day or two so will be able to give it a test run then. Just didn't seem worth not giving this kit a shot at less than £40 delivered. If it works, aside from saving me a lot of grief on the Invacar it will be an all round useful thing to have. Bit like having a compressor...I doubt it's a tool I'll really appreciate until I've got used to having it around.

Certainly can't see me voluntarily switching back to a garage without air on tap...and I've not even got an air powered rattle gun or anything yet! Do need a proper tyre inflator though. The one I've got works just fine...but the sort of thing you used to see in garage forecourts just seems more "correct" somehow.

Regarding formatting issues? No idea... I've always had some issues on this forum with the E in cafe not being displayed correctly for as long as I can remember...see below.

There may well be some funky formatting being input from my end...99% of my posts are written up on my phone these days as it's so rare that I actually have the luxury of being able to sit down at my desktop PC for long enough to do anything useful. To say I miss an actual keyboard would be an understatement...but it's just how things are these days unfortunately.
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