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Default Re: What is happening

Originally Posted by Dragon Fan View Post
Very tired, new job works a 12hour schedule, I am used to an 8 hr. schedule. Also if someone else needs a day off, I have to go in and cover the shift for them so I loose a regularly scheduled day off. At least it is paid at time and a half.
Ouch.. that's quite a punishing schedule... especially at the start!

I still remember the unpleasant discovery one month when I worked a bunch of overtime that due to the unique way in which the student loan repayment calculation bands are set up that it actually wound up with me about fifty quid worse off when pay day rolled around. I was not best pleased...

-- -- --

This paint removal process I think is just going to be a long slog.

Got a few better scrapers today and they're precisely zero help. With the sharper blades they're just digging in and going straight through the paint and the gel coat, it's just too soft. On a few of the larger flatter panels where there's a nice clean edge to the paint as it's been removed, using the blunt edge it's possible to work away at it...but I was successfully doing that with my old blunt scraper already.

Heat lifts the gel coat before the paint too, as I did poke it with the heat gun just to eliminate it as a potentially helpful tool. 

I did bust the sander out again today just to see if I could flat back the area below the rear window where the surface was damaged by the paint stripper. Looks like there's plenty of thickness to the gel coat to sort that out at least.

There's quite a bit of pitting on the one can clearly see the line where the paint stripper was sitting the longest...

No huge issue, it's nothing a really tiny amount of filler can't hide...just annoying to have made more work.

Next stop will be investigating soda blasting. Either getting the kit to do it myself or getting someone in to do it.
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