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Default Re: What is happening

We've got family staying at the moment and I'm designated taxi driver so my car time is generally going to be quite sketchy over this coming week until next Tuesday. Not that my time in the garage is ever exactly reliable at the best of times.

Today I had a brief quiet half hour though and I had a nice plan in place for what I wanted to do.

Paint stripper test. 

Further to what a few folks have said regarding "just paint over it," I'm afraid that really isn't an option. This is what the finish is like in several places. There's just no way you'll ever get it smooth - and those bubbles are going to cause more trouble as time goes on.

That paint needs to go.

There was some questions over whether paint stripper would dissolve the surface of the fibreglass as well as the paint...I was 90% sure it would be fine, but obviously wanted to be sure before slathering the car in it. 

Conveniently there's one bit of the body which is both easily accessed and well hidden - under the engine cover. So let's throw a bit at it there and see what happens.

Results were good. It didn't seem to show any interest in attacking either the resin I'd applied or the gel coat on the fibreglass, excellent. Yes that whole area needs to be rebuilt, but that's a fair ways down the to do list.

Encouraged by this, we slapped a bit of it over the top of the rear quarter. These are very important areas in terms of paint finish as the sort of vestigial tail fins are so integral to the styling of the car.

Then attacked it with a stiff brush.

Pretty quickly the top coat started to come apart, revealing biblical amounts of high build primer.

Which also came off without any particular effort, revealing the gel coat below.

As predicted there's a lot of crazing and ancient repairs present, hence why the car has been painted in the first place.

Interesting to see how much the removal of the paint has improved the definition of the line along the top of the "fin" compared to beforehand...not surprising how many layers there were.

Other side was treated to the same routine.

I think this is definitely the right approach based on these findings and the faffing about I've already wasted time on. I've far more chance of getting a halfway decent finish if I get rid of the existing paint first. Obviously I'll need to rework a few repairs first and then actually need to properly paint it all at the end of the good a finish I'll get will be entirely down to my prep and my work. Reckon this will be an easier road than trying to get anything to sit flat over what's already on there.

Will pull the engine cover and tail lights off next and try to get the rear moulding stripped back tomorrow or shortly. At least then I should hopefully be able to see what I'm working with. Might actually have a shot at getting her looking halfway reasonable by the time the Festival of the Unexceptional rolls round...

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