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Default Re: What is happening

As predicted had hardly any time at all in the garage today because this had to be sorted out.

Got started around 1000. Eventually fell back in through the door about 1900. Path still needs attacking with the pressure washer, but it's a lot better than it was.

I did get a couple of things done though.

Firstly was actually digging out a hole for the compressor to live in so I didn't keep falling over it every time I walked into the garage.

Long term it will go in the far end of the garage and I'll have piping installed to get the air to where it's needed. For now though this will do. It's a noisy sucker of a thing so I may well make a "shed" for it outside and just pipe the air in at some point.

Following the (violent) expiry of my detail sander yesterday I made a trip out to pick up something a bit more manly which hopefully won't go pop as soon as it gets worked hard.

That seems a bit more like it. Didn't realise when I picked it up that it's got an adjustable speed control, but that's quite a nice feature to have. It'll have a baptism of fire shifting that horrible undercoat that's been put on the Invacar! Obviously will need to either fix my existing detail sander or get a new one to deal with the fiddly bits as this one is obviously not a precision instrument!

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