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Originally Posted by Anareth View Post
The problem with Jora being the catalyst for "queens don't fly" is that it doesn't really make sense. The attitude in Dragonflight is not that "Ramoth's our only queen, flying like a male dragon is too dangerous a risk until there are more", it's "Queen dragons don't fly except to mate", #TrueFacts. If the only queen that hasn't made a habit of flying is Jora's Nemorth, that leaves far, far too many people who should logically remember her predecessor and possibly the queen before that. Dragonflight is written entirely as if Benden has had generations of one queen at a time and that queen only flies around the Weyr to eat and to rise to mate. MHoP's timeline doesn't make a lot of sense with the society we see in Dragonflight.
From the time Carola and her queen died, there WAS no queen that flew, other than to feed or mate. From the time of Nemorth's first (actual) mating flight, R'gul was in charge, and when Lessa turned up he didn't want Pern's only gold to be put at risk, so he made up this story that queens "didn't fly . . ." etc, and made all the people in contact with Lessa tell her the same story. And probably restricted her company to Wingleaders, Manora, and one or two youngish servants who'd only seen Nemorth not-flying.

F'lar would toe the line as long as it suited him because he also didn't want the only gold at risk, being convinced that Thread would return. R'gul didn't believe Thread would return, but if the last queen died before mating the Weyr would come to an end in a few turns, and the Weyr life was all he knew.
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