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This brings in one of the lectures I had this year.

Vladamir Propp (1895-1970) in The Morphology of the Wondertale, written in Russia in 1928, was not interested in myth as such, but rather in the ‘wondertale’, Russian folk and fairy tales.

Through analysing very large numbers of such tales he identified a very limited number of ‘characters’ -- 1 villain; 2 dispatcher; 3 helper; 4 'prize'/princess; 5 donor; 6, hero; & 7 false hero.

He also identified 31 ‘functions’, a combination of characters, objects and actions that come together in differing orders to make up all the tales. To this extent every tale is a structural variation on a common set of themes.

According to Propp's hypothesis, Jora was created to be Lessa's opposite. Lessa (heroine) is petite, active, domineering & socially active. Therefore Jora had to be gross, lazy, submissive & isolated, in order to reinforce Lessa's qualities.

Add in to this Christopher Booker's 2004 book 7 Basic Plots: Why We Tell Tales:- 1 Overcoming the Monster; 2 Rags to Riches; 3 The Quest; 4 Voyage and Return; 5 Comedy; 6 Tragedy; 7 Rebirth.

Now have fun working out how Anne's stories fit the categories.
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