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Originally Posted by Eriflor View Post
Why didn't they just build a wall along the outside of the staircase so Jora couldn't see the drop-off?

(who has too much time on her hands).
I'm going to take a guess here, and say that part of the problem here [where things like this didn't happen] was a 'led by example' kind of issue. When F'lon [who we know was definitely a self-centered dick and let me tell you, after the way he was talked up in DF, I was so disappointed] came into power, a lot of the Weyr very likely followed whatever example he set [being a military-esque structure, this occurs far more easily than most people might think, unfortunately]. In this case, he was completely indifferent where Jora was concerned at his best, and downright nasty at his worst. Of course he'd never bother to delve deeper and see if there's a more underlying issue. The closest he ever actually came to that kind of thing that we saw was when Robinton was half paralysed by grief after losing his wife.

Add in the possibility of Jora being timid and quiet and not likely to stand up for herself [which I get the impression stands out quite a bit from the 'stereotypical' Weyrbred woman, let alone the stereotypical Queen Rider, which is what most of a Weyr is familiar with], with that in turn affecting Nemorth [we know that even the strongest willed dragons don't like genuinely upsetting their rider, and if Jora was terrified of confrontation, it probably bled over into Nemorth] and you may very well have the reason why nobody bothered to think hard enough and long enough so that the kind of thing you mentioned could occur.

Of course, this doesn't explain the more independent types in the Weyr. Like say, Manora.
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