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2cent The Universal Vending Machine

(I found this once on another board, brought it over to my own now *defunct* board.. er, and thought I'd post it here.. it's fun! )


You're traveling and decide to stop at a rest area with facilities but only one lone vending machine. You're hungry, and you have enough change, so you decide to grab a snack. Now, you have the correct amount of change for this vending machine, but the deal is, it's all black(the buttons, the window) so you won't be able to tell what you get--so you decide, what the heck, you'll take your chance, right? But the kick is, the person who posts after you gets to decide what you get. ANYTHING. And so on. Play as long as you like(let's see what y'all can come up with)

I'll start off-

*inserts coin*
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