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Default Re: Some of my photos

I'm sorry, I should have done that at the start.

The first 3 were taken at Flaming Gorge, Utah. Ironically, of all the shots I took, these 3 and some others were all taken at the same state park area.

The fourth was taken on my back 40 acres, after a very big rainstorm. It's the only time the creeks run enough to get this kind of shot. The spot is probably less than 200 yards from my house, but it seems like it's almost another whole world on days like the one when I took that shot.

Oh, and I live in the Ozarks, outside Licking, Missouri.

That's a little southwest of Anutt.

Not too far from Houston. That's the county seat of Texas county. So Houston, Texas is really in Missouri.
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