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Default Re: Hans 7 - flowers and animals

You make me blush you!

Yes, I have a "legit" macro lens in that my Tamron 70-300 has a macro setting. The Canon lenses are usually too expensive for me (or I don't have the perseverance to save up log enough) so that I tend to buy the dedicated lenses by other brands. The Tamron 1:4-5.6 tis a really good lens for it's price. The macro range is 1:2 to 1:3.9

I recently bought a Sigma 18-200 f. 3.5 to replace the kitlens, because I wanted more zoom without having to change the lens. This lens does not have a macro option.

The Heron portrait is not cropped (except a little bit reduced in height) was shot with the Tamron tele at 1/400 and f. 7.1 at the max 300 mm. But as said, I could come fairly close as it was ignoring me Steven suggested to sharpen it and I will certainly try that, but I must say I was pretty impressed with the sharpness of this "cheap" lens.

I have another two heron pics on flickr that are not photoshopped or worked on:

"comic heron", because the bird in this picture had such a comical feel. Photoshop tells me the focal length for this pic was 144 mm (these two were shot with the Sigma lens), so from that you will be able to judge I was standing pretty close to the heron.

and this one, which gives you a feel of the overall situation

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