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Default Re: Hans 6 - Circus photographs

Regarding the frozen action on the horse pic - that's where Shutter Priority comes into it's own when using flash. Here's a 'failure' pic taken at grandaughter Yanthe's second birthday party. The flash went off and captured the image, but with a slow shutter speed of 1/25 sec, the camera continued exposing YoYo's moving right arm.

Bingo! Sharpness AND blur :

Technically, it'd be better to have the flash fire at the end of the exposure, thus 'fixing' the final image as flash. That's where Custom Function (C.Fn.) 15 comes in on Canon cameras. It fires the flash just as the shutter starts to close. I'm sure Nikon and Pentax cameras have the same facility.

Edit to clarify - YoYo's arm was moving UPWARD at the time; the blur comes after the flash fired. To get a 'trailing' effect in an action picture, C.Fn 15 must be employed, otherwise the direction of blur will be wrong.

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