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Default Re: Street candids in Edinburgh

In regards to Silverman, he would be as I picture Petiron to be. The other 2 photos didn't grab me as such.

Regarding the points, you've made. In most Australian schools - at least those closest to me - you virtually need parental permission to photograph a child, other then your own. Basically the school can but only because parents gave the school (and no-one else) to do so. If I'm in the photographer's background when he/she's taking a photo in a public area such as QE2 square or Fed square then I would consider it to be a free-for-all for someone to take photos - although I'll accept a nod or thumbs-up or a "please can I take a photo of you?" quite readily if I'm closer then I think I am or in a family / friends gathering as such but not if someone is blatantly taking photos e.g. along the lines of stalking as an example. I'm a little funny about my photo being taken at times if I don't want to be in the "limelight", even though hubby says I'm a show-off at other times.

If you were using "bubble balloons", the guy in the above photo would be saying "I'm not happy", Lady replies "well, see if I care". That's what first grabbed my attention. There's almost a story there with lots of variations besides the down-and-out (examples *the 2 could be a couple and they've had an argument - he's sad, she's angry and is leaving him behind *he could be sick and she's gone to get help, *I'm tired of her shopping all the time).

Question arises - What would you do in that situation?
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