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I think you're right - the problem with the fleabane is the cropping. There is simply too much going on in the shot. I learned cropping as a newspaper designer; the rule was brutal - if it doesn't contribute, lose it. I tried various combinations before ending up with one I liked. Here, you have three in-focus blooms giving a strong diagonal. Your crop would probably be different - there's the creativity. BTW - that lens gives a beautifully creamy bokeh (background blur)!
Here's my effort:

As for the peacock - again, I think there's too much going on. The vegetation is chaotic and distracts from the bird, rather than providing a context. My instinct would be a tight top-to-bottom vertical crop with the bird set slightly to the right. Having the bird head-on does not help. But then, you've got to work with what you've got . . .

Bumblebee 1 is great; the detail even includes pollen dust middle-right! Here's one to benefit from subtle post-processing - I'd increase contrast, saturation and sharpness. But all to a very small degree:

Bumblebee 2 is just great. I'm jealous.

Fireworks - Nice one - as you say, a tripod is a must; ISO 100; small aperture; slow shutter speed. Otherwise, what can I say? Experiment! You usually have plenty of time to discover what does not work
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