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Default Re: Street candids in Edinburgh

You kow, Farclas, I really like the full shot of phoneman better than teh crop! And looking out of the photo... well, I got the impression he was leaving the bustle behind him. That's my interpretation It would be a great shot for a cover of a magazine or book where you want the subject to be on the right side (unless you are publishing in Israel of Japan). The more I look at it the more I ike the shot. It shows today's life, doesn't it? And the more fitting that it was shot digitally.

Of the other shots I like the crops better. As I said before, I am usually too selfconscious and shy to take these kind of pictures but with a telephoto lens... maybe I should just do it sometime and see what develops (pun intended).

A late convert eh? You must be a fast learner
Nah, just kidding, the experience of analog photography can be used for shooting dgitially, too.
These are great shots, especially because they are real candids with no processing. My compliments!
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