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Default Re: Photo: Farclas Miscellany_1

Thanks for your kind comments, Hans.
1. Horse - yes. I was restricted in my stance - I was shooting from the road onto Musselburgh racecourse with a long lens (too mean to pay entrance fee!). It was a conscious framing choice imposed by my position - there was terrible foreground clutter (rails, spectators, signage). So that was the best to be had.

5. This was shot on RAW, but I finally tracked down the jpg version. Just goes to show what good glass can do for a very venerable second body. Hand-held, as you can see from the shutter speed and the 20D acquitted itself well at that ISO:

6. Flash was straight up and off the ceiling, which is good for hair, but the general fill was tungsten which did warm things up . . .
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