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Default Re: Hans 5 - misscellaneous

A quick general comment/request is for you to post photos about 10% smaller. Many in this set are at or beyond the limits of my display even with the forum opened full screen.

I do like all these photos, but putting my critical eye on there is room for improvement -- not always by the control of the photographer though as you are subject to the lighting at hand and vagaries of self-movable subjects.

I really like the weathered old wood, it's simply gorgeous stuff. The photo itself though doesn't do anything in particular for me. In part perhaps because of the bit of framework showing, and also I don't think the square cropping is doing it for me. I think I'd prefer to either see the full boat, or just the old wood in frame -- angled the way it is, with a horizontal rectangular crop to give a feel of elongated movement in fitting with it being a boat.

I like the bumblebee too (been taking several photos of them myself lately), but I think the depth of field is too narrow as the whole bee isn't in focus.

The hull of the photo is too dark, but it is a lovely old boat (which looks funny with the modern motor on it to my eye). The half a girl could be cropped or photoshopped out of the photo, she's a bit distracting, and I see Farclas's point about there being too much sky as well.

I think Garden in the Sky is my favorite. The foreground is a bit dark; a shame the lighting wasn't better that day. I love the low clouds in the background, they show (or create the illusion) that your at a high elevation nicely. And the statue, which I guess is of a bird of prey but is angelic at first glance is putting me in mind of Anne's little known story "Fallen Angel" which is about a garden statue.

The final one is such a peaceful pastoral shot, it's shooting out calming vibes. I can see that it would be better if the bull was facing the other way (and find it useful to learn why that seems aesthetically more pleasing), and I would probably crop out about half the foreground under his feet myself.
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